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Restaurants, pizzerias & bars

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Restaurants opening hours are different according to the region. Generally the locals are open longer in the south.

Usually they are open for lunch (noon - 3pm) and dinner (6pm - 11pm/midnight).

Service charge is automatically added to your bill, but small tips are welcome.

According to the Italian low bread-stuffs and table-ware should be counted in price, but in some eating-houses (trattoria) and many pizzerias are counted separately.

Prices vary according to the region, category and location; meal for one person oscillates from €10 to €35 and more in exclusive restaurants.

Pizza Capriciosa PIZZARIAS – the locals where you can eat delicious pizza baked in wooden stove, drink beer or wine listening to good music.

BARS – are the most popular places visited by Italians; they are open from early in the morning (5-6am) until 2-3am. In bar you can drink caffee (espresso), capuccino, beer, wine, drinks, beverages and eat hot sandwich. Usually in tourist areas (near monuments) at the table prices are higher than standing place at bar.


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